I am a 21 year old girl from a small town in Sweden. I am battling with an eating disorder and depression. My biggest joy in life is my dog Trusty. I am a vegetarian and if I get better I want to work with animals. I am an expert in poor judgement and mistake making. Welcome to my blog.

Everything is falling apart. I can’t stand it anymore. Gained weight but now I’ve lost some again. My therapist is not happy. My BMI is under 15 and I don’t want it to be more. I think I’ve made progress but I’m not sure. Recovery is confusing.


10 years ago Jon Stewart on Crossfire

He destroys their “debate” show and that’s why it’s not on anymore. 


One of a million times applauding Jon Stewart, on standing by truly GOOD principles.

Bill O’Reilly of course says because it is HARDER for a poor black child to make it, than a white one; that there is no white privilege. Because women have to be afraid, there is no sexism. He admits it is a factor, but still Bill O’Reilly blames VICTIMS!

Is it sad that some of our most poignant public discussions often happen on Comedy Central. Get on it C-SPAN. At least Bill O’riely, unlike the majority of Fox nutjobs, will get out and engage; rather than hide.

EXCELLENT debate, worth a watch.


I feel very lonely. 


Does anyone else remember playing music in Real One Player and just sitting there and watching this for like two hours


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Anorexia Kills.


Anorexia lies. That is all it does. It promises that losing weight will make you feel amazing. Perhaps there is a momentary high when the number on the scale drops; or a bone protrudes further; or another pair of pants are too big…but these are momentary and frivolous.

Most of the time you feel…